Cracker's Tech: a forward-thinking company offering tailor-made IT solutions across Europe. We are present in several European countries, determined to improve our customers' online presence. Join the companies who have chosen Cracker's Tech for their digital growth.

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Cracker's Tech in Luxembourg

Cracker's Tech in Luxembourg

In the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, our main activities are internal company administration, local advice for our customers and our legal department.

Head office

Our head office, located in the heart of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, is the central hub where strategic decisions are made. It is here that the Cracker's Tech management team and administration orchestrate the development and management of the company. Luxembourg, with its international and innovative business environment, offers the ideal setting to steer our global operations while remaining connected to European values and a dynamic economy.

Customer portfolio

Cracker's Tech is committed to supporting local technological development by offering tailor-made IT services in Luxembourg. We work closely with Luxembourg companies to provide innovative digital solutions that meet their specific needs. Our customer portfolio in the Grand Duchy reflects our commitment to excellence and support for the local ecosystem, contributing to the dynamism and innovation of the Luxembourg marketplace.

Legal department

Compliance with European standards and regulations is at the heart of our strategy. Our Luxembourg-based legal department ensures that all our operations and contracts comply fully with current legislation. This approach not only guarantees the security and reliability of our services, but also reinforces our commitment to transparency and ethical business practices.


Cracker's Tech has its own set of machines hosted in cutting-edge data centers in Luxembourg. This local infrastructure enables us to guarantee optimum security, reliability and performance for all our online services. By choosing Luxembourg data centers, we not only ensure proximity to our operations and customers based in the Grand Duchy, but also adhere to Luxembourg's strict standards of data protection and environmental sustainability.

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Cracker's Tech in France

Les activités de Cracker's Tech en France

In France, Cracker's Tech has established a strong presence thanks to its high-performance IT infrastructures for data hosting and its portfolio of loyal customers. We also maintain close relationships with our local business partners and service providers, guaranteeing a high-quality service offering for our French customers.

Customer portfolio

In France, Cracker's Tech has firmly established itself as a technology partner of choice for a host of local businesses, from innovative startups to large corporations. Our commitment to delivering tailor-made IT solutions has enabled us to build a diverse customer portfolio, reflecting the dynamic sectors of the French economy. We work hand-in-hand with our French customers to develop digital strategies that precisely meet their specific needs, thereby promoting their growth and success in the competitive marketplace.

Partners and service providers

Collaboration is at the heart of our approach in France. Cracker's Tech joins forces with a range of local partners and service providers to offer comprehensive, high-quality services. These collaborations enable us to combine our technological expertise with in-depth local knowledge, ensuring innovative solutions tailored to the French context. Our partners include software developers, digital marketing agencies and strategy consultants, all selected for their excellence and commitment to our customers' success.


Our presence in France is reinforced by our use of data centers located in the country. These state-of-the-art facilities guarantee the performance, security and compliance of our hosted services, in line with strict French and European data protection standards. Hosting in French data centers enables Cracker's Tech to provide fast response times and unrivalled reliability for our French customers, while complying with local directives and contributing to the country's digital economy.

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Cracker's Tech in Switzerland

Activités de Cracker's Tech en Suisse

In Switzerland, we have a complete IT infrastructure for all IT services. We also have a varied portfolio of customers for whom we provide local digital services.

Customer portfolio

In Switzerland, Cracker's Tech has established a relationship of trust and collaboration with a wide range of local companies, from innovative SMEs to major financial institutions. Our in-depth understanding of the specifics of the Swiss market, combined with our expertise in tailor-made IT solutions, enables us to respond effectively to the unique needs of our Swiss customers. We are committed to delivering customized digital strategies that support our customers' operational efficiency, innovation and sustainable growth in Switzerland's diverse and competitive economic landscape.


Cracker's Tech uses cutting-edge data centers located in Switzerland to offer first-rate hosted services. These facilities, which comply with the most stringent Swiss and international security and data protection standards, ensure outstanding performance and reliability for our cloud and hosted solutions. By choosing data centers in Switzerland, we not only guarantee data sovereignty and regulatory compliance for our customers, but also contribute to Switzerland's robustness and global reputation as a secure and reliable technology and financial hub.