Welcome to the page dedicated to our WordPress Plugins and Themes, where innovation and performance meet to enhance and personalize your WordPress experience. Cracker's Tech is proud to present its exclusive solutions.

CRKS PLG a WordPress plugin developed by Cracker's Tech

CRKS PLG - Management and Optimization Plugin

The CRKS PLG WordPress plugin is an original Cracker's Tech creation designed to boost your site's performance.

Key features:

Cache font management

Reduce font loading time by storing fonts locally.

CSS optimization

Minimizes CSS code to speed up your site's response time.

WYSIWYG improvements

Adds extra functionality to the page editor for an enhanced design experience.

CRKS Add-On is a WordPress plugin that adds new functionalities

CRKS ADD-ON - Backoffice Enrichment Plugin

CRKS ADD-ON transforms the WordPress backoffice, making site management more intuitive and centralized.

Main features:

Customized administration menu

Quick access to all necessary resources, simplifying day-to-day management.

Direct integration with Google MyBusiness

Easily manage your business listing directly from WordPress.

WooCommerce Latest Orders Overview

Instant tracking of your sales and transactions.

Web Visits Statistics

Analyze your site traffic at a glance.

SEO Score and Stock Reports

Quick access to your site's key performance indicators.

CRKS THM a WordPress theme developed by Cracker's Tech

CRKS THM - Customizable WordPress Theme

Our WordPress theme, CRKS THM, is specially designed to offer maximum flexibility and responsiveness.

Key features:

HTML/PHP fragment embedding

Customize your site with specific codes integrated directly into the theme.

Light and responsive

Designed for optimum performance on all devices.

Advanced customization options

Change colors, titles and global fonts to align your site's design with your brand.

Owner's signature

Brand your site with a unique signature integrated into the source code of each page.

A few words about our WordPress technologies

Our expertise in WordPress website creation has motivated us to design specific modules designed to enrich your custom experience even further.

Our WordPress plugins

Our WordPress plugins are designed to significantly improve your site's user experience and administrative efficiency. CRKS PLG optimizes your site by managing cached fonts and improving CSS rendering, while adding extra functionality for more intuitive and powerful WYSIWYG-view editing. At the same time, CRKS ADD-ON revolutionizes site management by customizing the WordPress admin menu. This plugin provides direct, simplified access to crucial resources such as your Google MyBusiness listing, latest WooCommerce orders, visit statistics, SEO score and much more, directly from the backoffice.

Our WordPress theme

CRKS THM is a lightweight, responsive WordPress theme, specially designed by Cracker's Tech to offer advanced flexibility and customization. This theme supports HTML/PHP snippet integration, allowing unprecedented customization in terms of colors, titles and fonts. With CRKS THM, customize your site to reflect your brand while benefiting from a unique signature integrated into the source code of every page. This theme is the embodiment of our commitment to quality, performance and individuality in web design.