Business management software suites or ERP (Enterprise resource planning) are software packages integrating a complete range of tools allowing to manage several aspects of the business: accounting situation, invoices, suppliers, customer portfolio, expense reports, etc.

As an integrator of ERP/PGI solutions we have several different environments to offer to our customers, our ERP systems are based on the Cloud and are accessible from any machine, we use free technology Dolibarr that we adapt to your business, where proprietary technology SharePoint from Microsoft, if you use the Office ecosystem in your professional environment.

We can also configure another ERP system for you, on request, following a study.

Our ERP solutions

Screenshot du CRM Dolibarr


Initial configuration, customization, hosting and daily backup.
Screenshot du SharePoint Crackers Tech

Microsoft SharePoint

Deploy SharePoint, connect to your Microsoft tenant, customize the solution to your needs.
Web application design

Tailor-made WEB application

A web application created specifically for your business, with every part of the interface designed for your use.

Questions about enterprise resource planning (ERP) software

The management software package includes all company data, in particular :

  • The customer portfolio and associated contacts for each customer.
  • A project manager with allocated resources.
  • A complete billing system (business management, quotations and invoicing).
  • Team planning (task assignment, vacations, absences).
  • An order management system (sending purchase orders to suppliers, anticipating costs and comparing best prices).
  • Advanced inventory management (from several different warehouses, with a low-stock warning system).
  • A complete accounting suite with transaction reconciliation (easily exportable with access for your accountant).
  • A database of goods and services on sale.

This list is not exhaustive, as an ERP works as a module, so it's easy to add a host of additional options depending on the type of business you're in.

There are many advantages to using an ERP system, the most appreciated of which are the centralization of business processes within a single application, and the fact that all resources can be accessed from any device, even on the move.

We can also mention the regular backup of all data, simplified accounting, a dashboard showing all key indicators at a glance, action automation...