Get a local phone number in several countries

With our localized switchboard solution, you can obtain a local landline number in the country of your choice.

Personalized secretarial service for your calls

If your customers are unavailable or call outside your business hours. A real person answers on your behalf, collects the caller's details and sends them to the e-mail address of your choice. You get a truly personalized secretarial service.

Customizable interactive voice server

"Press 1 to speak to an advisor, press 2 for sales, press 3 for management". Create your own interactive voice server with our switchboard solutions.

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Professional Telephone Switchboards

The telephone has become an indispensable means of communication. We offer a range of telematics services to improve the way you greet your callers. Cracker's Tech's customized switchboard, for example, allows you to personalize the call tone, include music on hold, have the caller enter choices, or have a telephone line available in 140 countries.

A personalized welcome message

Cracker's Tech accueil personnalise

Our switchboard allows you to customize the ringing tone as soon as your number is called by your correspondent: the message you have defined will be automatically announced.

This can be a text read by a voice synthesizer, or a recording you send us. We can also ask an actor to make a customized recording for you.

The option of an interactive voice server

Cracker's Tech serveur vocal interactif

Interactive Voice Response is ideal for directing a customer's call to the right department or branch.

It can also be used to enter access codes or direct callers to your company's internal extensions.

Customize your call flow

Cracker's Tech trame dappel

With a switchboard, it's possible to set up logical conditions in the manner of an algorithm. For example, when a call arrives between 9am and 6pm, the call is routed to the company, but outside these times, the call is directed to the answering machine.

This is a simplified configuration, but it's entirely possible to design much more complex scenarios.

Having several international lines

Cracker's Tech multiples lignes

Have a dedicated line in over 80 different countries? It's possible with our switchboard solution. Make unlimited calls to most countries in the world, at no extra cost.

Expand your business internationally and reassure your customers with local telephone numbers in their own regions.

A full range of telephone services included

Answering machine

Configurable answering machine in case of absence

On-hold music

Keep your callers waiting with music


Record every incoming/outgoing call

ACD queue

Queue management and call distribution

VOiP line

Use the SIP protocol to make your calls

Smartphone integration

Configure your services on a cell phone

Audio Quality

Encoding protocols for high audio quality

Voice synthesis

Several Text-To-Speech voices are available