IT infrastructure management

Computer equipment / Hosting / PC assembly

With extensive experience in park management, from small to large scale, we offer to take care of yours, design through to installation.

Through the different services in our offer, we aim to provide you with an efficient and efficient environment, meeting the needs of your activity and your employees.

We hope that at the end of our intervention you will benefit from a secure infrastructure, delivered turnkey, and ready for use.

Our collaboration will not be complete, however, because we ensure maintenance on the entire infrastructure has been implemented.

Our tools OpenSource

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Our tools Proprietary

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Hardware services

We offer to provide you with all your computer hardware: servers, computers, mobile devices, printers, connectors, and various peripherals.

We take care of the entire acquisition process!

  • Choice of configurations to suit your needs.
  • Ordering components from our partners.
  • Receiving and assembly.
  • Software preparation (OS, anti-virus, office applications, etc.)
  • Account creation.
  • Deployment on server or cloud infrastructure.
  • Installation on your premises.


Repair service for various devices.

Choice of components

Among the best references on the market.


Machine mounting and assembly.

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Network services


Check network links.

Network mapping

Creation of detailed network maps.

Network audit

Complete report on components, areas for improvement and overall network safety.

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After an audit of your structure and your needs, we provide you with advice in our network configuration service. We support you: from configuration, to deployment of your servers and your employees' hardware, according to a role allocation policy, defined together.
With this process, we provide a first logical layer to the security of your infrastructure.

We resell you and advise you on the purchase of network hardware for your IT equipment so that it is secure and durable. (Cisco, HP, Dell, TP-Link…)

Software Services

We also offer installation and configuration software needed by your employees for their workstation:

  • Office software suite
  • Antivirus, security system, firewall
  • Professional instant messaging
  • All other applications on request...

For the office

The latest office software, free or proprietary.

For graphic designers

The best graphics manipulation software.

For analysts

Software that brings together the best indicators.

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Tailor-made CMDB design

Cracker's Tech SPcroisGestParc

We can design a SharePoint so that it acts as a complete CMDB (configuration management database) which can notably to understand :

  • Technical data sheets for your machines.
  • The list of your shared generic accounts and identifiers.
  • Vos licences et clés d’activation de logiciels.
  • The composition of your internal network.