Cracker's Tech is proud to display its web hosting excellence labels, consistently featured in the footer of the sites we have the privilege to design. These marks of distinction testify to our commitment to quality and security, ensuring that each site benefits from a robust foundation on our secure infrastructures and meticulous execution by our expert teams.

Depending on the unique requirements and technical specifications of each project, you will be able to identify various iconic labels in the "footer" of the sites.

Our labels are not mere decorations; they are proof of our dedication to creating web solutions that stand out for their quality, performance, and aesthetics. At Cracker’s Tech, we take pride in every project we undertake and every label we award, as they represent our commitment to excellence in the digital world.

Cracker's Tech web design and hosting label

Hosting & Webdesign Label

When Cracker’s Tech is responsible for both the creation and hosting of the site, we affix our complete label. This prestigious badge is the mark of our comprehensive service and testifies to a close and successful collaboration between Cracker’s Tech and our clients.

Label de webdesign Cracker's Tech

Webdesign Label

This badge is affixed to sites that we have designed from A to Z. It testifies to our creative and technical commitment in building an exceptional user experience, aligned with our clients' strategic objectives.

Label d'hébergement web Cracker's Tech

Hosting Label

The "Hosting" label means that Cracker's Tech hosts the website on its IT infrastructure.

data storage in Switzerland

Swiss Hosting Label

The "Swiss Hosting" label means that Cracker's Tech hosts the data associated with a website in Switzerland. We have a large number of web servers in Swiss data centers, enabling us to affix this label to the websites concerned. This label is particularly appreciated by our Swiss customers. 

Variety of Labels: Our labeling system is designed to reflect the diversity and specificity of the services we offer.
Each label is awarded according to the level of service provided.

Commitment and Quality: Each Cracker’s Tech label is a guarantee of quality and commitment. By choosing Cracker’s Tech for the design and hosting of your website, you are not only ensuring a high-quality final product but also a reliable and committed partnership.