WordPress website design

Our WordPress websites are fully customizable and designed to be scalable, so you can adapt them as your needs change.

WordPress website development

Welcome to the page dedicated to our WordPress website design services. At Cracker's Tech, we are specialized in the development of customized WordPress websites, designed to meet the exact needs of your business and help you stand out in the European digital landscape.

Whether you are in France, in Switzerland, in Luxembourg or elsewhere in Europe, we guarantee you a website that complies with the legal requirements specific to your location, particularly in terms of data protection and accessibility.

Highlights of our WordPress websites

Security and Hosting

Your site's security is our priority. We offer secure web hosting solutions, located in the country of your choice, to ensure that your data and those of your customers remain protected. Our hosting infrastructures are equipped with the latest technologies to prevent any risk of cyber-attack.

Legal Compliance

We understand the importance of legal compliance, especially in the European context. Our sites are designed to comply with all current laws and regulations, including the GDPR. We ensure that your site is not only compliant with current standards, but also prepared for future legislative developments.

Autonomy and Statistics

Cracker's Tech believes in empowering our customers. We provide secure access to your WordPress site's administration interface, allowing you to view visitor statistics, update your content or modify certain aspects of your site with ease. Training courses can also be organized for you and your team to maximize your autonomy on the platform.

Backup and Maintenance

We understand that business continuity is crucial to your company. That's why we set up regular backup systems for your WordPress site, ensuring that your data can be quickly restored should the need arise. Our maintenance service ensures that your site remains up-to-date, efficient and secure at all times.

Why choose Cracker's Tech for your WordPress site?

When you choose Cracker's Tech, you're choosing a trusted partner who understands your needs and the specifics of the European market. Our tailored approach and technical expertise ensure that your WordPress site will not only be aesthetically pleasing, but also functional, secure and compliant with legal requirements.

Localized WordPress hosting

At Cracker's Tech, we specialize in creating professional WordPress websites, tailored to the specific needs of your business, wherever it's located in Europe. Our solutions are designed to maximize your online visibility, while respecting the legal requirements of each country, including France, Switzerland and Luxembourg.

WordPress in Luxembourg

Our WordPress website design services in Luxembourg are designed to support local businesses while addressing a wider European market. We offer multilingual sites adapted to the country's linguistic diversity, and guarantee that data processing and storage comply with Luxembourg legal requirements. By hosting sites in local infrastructures, we ensure a fast and secure user experience, while contributing to the country's economy. Luxembourg customers have complete control over their site, with customization options and access to statistical tools to track the effectiveness of their online presence.

WordPress in France

Our WordPress websites for France are specifically designed to meet the needs of local businesses and enterprises. We integrate multilingual options tailored to the region's linguistic diversity, ensuring that your content resonates with a national and international audience. The localization of our data storage and processing infrastructures ensures RGPD compliance and supports the local economy, while offering optimal performance and enhanced security. Our French customers also benefit from direct access to their statistics and can easily make changes to their site, guaranteeing simplified and efficient management.

Our WordPress modules

As a software publisher, Cracker's Tech develops its own WordPress plugins and themes to meet every specific need.

We customize the WordPress backoffice to include quick access to all the resources our customers need: Google MyBusiness listing, completed transactions, detailed site statistics, access to targeted advertising campaigns, and much more, on request.

WordPress Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely, at Cracker's Tech, you can choose the country of your choice to host your WordPress site, ensuring compliance with local regulations and optimizing performance for your local visitors.

Yes, we ensure that all WordPress sites we design and host are fully compliant with local legal requirements, including the GDPR in Europe, giving you peace of mind and security.

We apply state-of-the-art security measures including regular backups, security updates and malware protection to ensure your site remains secure and reliable.

Of course, at Cracker's Tech, we develop custom WordPress plugins and themes to meet the specific needs of your business. What's more, we offer backoffice customization to make it easy to manage your site and access important statistics and resources.