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Optimize your activity, boost the daily management of your company, automate your business processes and centralize your information flows are the main objectives of our web projects.

We offer a wide range of websites for your web project. Running on all browsers, as much on computers as on mobile devices, they offer flexibility and an optimal ease of reading. We deliver your website, optimized for turnkey use.

The different types of websites websites that can be created

- The showcase website

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The website “showcase” or single page can suit most local businesses. It is a simple web page, which presents the commercial activity of its owner. It often contains: logo, slogan, a few photos, short descriptions, contact information and opening hours. Its objective is to attract your customers to your business.

- The corporate website

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The “corporate” or multi-page website is generally composed of three to four pages, includes a header with menu and a footer. Its objective is to present in more detail the goods or services offered. It usually includes an interactive contact form that allows visitors to easily get in touch with the entity.

- The portfolio

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The web format called “portfolio” is commonly used by creative people, artists or exhibitors who want a platform to make their digital content available. It can also be used to create a fashion book, a CV, an image bank… Portfolios have extensive storage capabilities to allow the addition and display of a wide range of multimedia files (photographs, images, videos, sounds…)

- The e-commerce site

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The e-commerce website or “online sales” is the solution par excellence to sell products or services by mail. It is commonly a platform with your company’s images and colors, aimed at your target audience of Internet users. The platform contains your product catalog, your descriptions and your prices. The customer can then buy what he wants in your catalog and pay his bill directly from the site, you will only have to send him his package. These platforms can also be designed to do “click-and-collect”. Their accounting and inventory management functions are also very appreciated by merchants.

- The blog

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The purpose of the website in “blog” format is the regular publication of articles that report on current events or focus on a particular theme. It is often composed of a discussion thread where members can post comments and subscribe through notifications to be alerted of the latest posts.

- The web application

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The web application or “WebApp” is an application hosted on a server and accessible from any Internet browser, in this way: no installation is required on the client computer. The advantage of this solution is that it is “cross-platform”, meaning that the web application will have the same overall appearance regardless of the device running it. This type of solution is mainly intended for companies wishing to homogenize their application environments in a park of various machines.

The technologies we use

Here is the extent of our technological portfolio, we combine the different technologies below to design your custom site:


The leading web rendering engine on the market


For reliable and efficient web servers


Solid and recognized databases


The hypertext processor for efficient scripts


The latest version of the web markup language


PHP development framework


For fast JavaScript network interactions


For JavaScript graphical interfaces


Cloud development platform


All our sites are monitored

Our web hosting labels

Cracker’s Tech has its own hosting labels. These labels identify a site created and/or hosted by the Cracker’s Tech teams or infrastructures.

Click on the link below for a complete list of our labels.

Frequently asked questions

There are several reasons why having a website for your business is important. First, it makes it easy for potential customers to find information about your business, including your products or services, hours of operation and contact information. In addition, a website can also help you improve your online visibility, which can help you reach new customers and stand out from your competitors. Finally, having a website can also help you improve your communication with existing customers, for example by giving them the ability to place orders online or ask questions.

Visibility: A website allows a company to be visible to a wider audience, especially on search engines.

Accessibility: Customers can access the company at any time and from anywhere, which facilitates communication and business transactions.

Credibility: Having a professional website can enhance a company’s credibility with potential customers.

Presentation of products and services: A website can present a company’s products and services in an interactive and detailed manner.

Data analysis: Traffic and user behavior data on a website can be used to improve products and services, as well as to target advertising campaigns.

The time required to develop a website depends on many factors, such as the complexity of the site, the number of pages, the features and integrations required, and the resources available.

For a simple website with a basic structure of a few pages, development can take from a few days to a few weeks.

For more complex websites with advanced features, third-party system integrations, and increased security requirements, development can take several weeks to months.

It is important to note that website development does not stop once it is launched, there is also maintenance, enhancement, updating, optimization and data analysis to consider to continue to improve the user experience and performance of the site.